Good in the valley |

Good in the valley

Dear Editor:There are too often letters relating bad experiences in the valley. Here is a good one.While riding the bus to and from Highlands on Saturday I lost my cell phone, no doubt a common occurrence. That evening I called my cell hoping to hear the ring at home – no luck. To my surprise, 10 minutes later I received a call from a RFTA employee who heard the ring, looked at the incoming number, and called back to say they had it. I forgot the nice woman’s name, but thank you.Then on Sunday, it was back to Highlands for another fabulous day. I had left my skis at the base for a tune but while riding the bus upvalley, I remembered I did not bring my wallet to pay for the work. The wonderful employees at Four Mountain Sports trusted me to call later with a credit card number for payment. Thank you, Julie.It is nice to experience real customer service still, in a world that seems to be loosing it.John PutnamGlenwood Springs