Good goggles, superior customer service |

Good goggles, superior customer service

I’ve owned my Smith Knowledge goggles for a couple of seasons now, and they’ve been great for my particular needs.

I wear eyeglasses most of the time, and the Knowledge is made for four-eyed folks like me. It has little channels in the foam around the edge of the goggle for the “temples” that reach back from the lenses and hook around my ears. They also come with a battery-powered fan that’s fairly effective at de-fogging my glasses (no, the fan doesn’t instantly clear my lenses, but it usually does so in a minute or two.)

So, I’m a fan of these goggles, and I notice a lot of my four-eyed brethren wearing them too. But this gear review is not so much about the goggle, but the customer service I received when I sent them in to Smith Optics for repair.

Somehow, probably in all the transit to and from the ski hill in my gym bag, the battery pack on my goggles came loose from the headband and completely detached, severing the connection to the fan. This always seemed like a flimsy connection to me, and I think Smith could figure out a way to solidify it, but I was told the company had a good customer-service ethic and that I should just send it in for repair.

So I did, with a short letter describing the problem. I skied for one weekend with an old pair of goggles (and kept my prescription glasses in a pocket of my softshell), but a box from Smith’s Warranty and Repair department arrived back at The Aspen Times six days after I’d originally sent the goggles. The fan was reconnected – no charges and no questions asked.

In an age where “customer service” has become synonymous with voice-mail labyrinths and being placed on terminal, muzak-infused “hoid,” it was refreshing and encouraging to have a company stand behind its product and simply fix a flaw without any red tape or bellyaching.

Smith just made a loyal customer out of me.

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