Good from Enron? |

Good from Enron?

I have been struggling with my view of Enron. My first thoughts were the most accurate. They follow:

We are in America today, a country consumed and besmirched by greed. This may well have always been the human condition, but I would wish it different.

Enron, this company, one of the greatest frauds and corruption of recent times. Not even recent really – perhaps we might need to go back to the Michael Milken savings and loan scandal or even further to Teapot Dome and Grant.

This company strew funds across the politics of America, more to Republicans, but also hedging bets they gave to Democrats as well. All of those in the House and Senate and executive branch who took a penny from this corporation should be condemned.

However, perhaps this will lead to a new energy of campaign finance reform. Could this be a good thing? Only if we, as voters, throughout out the country reject everyone who enjoyed the beneficence of Kenneth Lay’s mischief.

But maybe good can come from this. Perhaps we should hug Mr. Lay for so profoundly demonstrating how malleable our politicians are. And if this creates change, perhaps we should give awards and accolades for his behavior.

However, I doubt if those Enron employees so completely fleeced would agree.

J. Matson Heininger