Good deeds, grand results |

Good deeds, grand results

To: Editor

From: Jennifer Donovan, Basalt

Re: A random act of kindness

I just finished reading Larry Hagen’s Dec. 7 letter to the editor in the Aspen Daily News. It was about a gesture by the Swiss Bakery in the ABC when his daughter, a member of the armed forces, called in a pastry birthday request for her father. Upon the bakery learning of Alyssa’s current service in Iraq, they completed the order at no charge. This simple and sweet story exhibits such a wonderful example of how seemingly small good deeds can result in grand results.

I wanted to let the staff/ownership of the bakery know that this made my day! What a classy and kind act. I assure you it was worth more that $50 to Mr. Hagen and his brave daughter.

God bless you! And let’s all keep Alyssa (U.S. Air Force Medic) and her comrades in our thoughts and prayers.

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