Good … and then not so good |

Good … and then not so good

Dear Editor:

Property manager Terry Kappeli of Preferred Property Management, which manages Seasonal Burlingame, was quoted in Curtis Wackerle’s front-page article in the Aspen Daily News as remarking he’s “not sure why so many long-term locals are renting in Seasonal Burlingame.”

It’s easy. Even thought the units are small (480 square feet with two bedrooms, a kitchenette and front room), it’s a great place to live. The property is well-run and affordable. The units are very simple, easy, clean, well-maintained, on the bus line, green grass, small parking lot, manager on site, laundromat on site and affordable for the work force which lives there. Affordable being $1,076 per month, which includes utilities and phone. Parking is extra.

The only bummer … after unpacking and nestling in for a long winter of working in

the community, at the end of the ski season, it’s time to move to somewhere unknown so that the music school students can move in for 10 weeks. Then before the very talented music students even move out, the long-term local work force or their employer gets to wait in line in the dark in hopes they got up early enough to get the same housing they had last year.

Toni Kronberg

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