Golf course installs doggy door for bears |

Golf course installs doggy door for bears

Janet Urquhart

Better to let a bear sniff your trash than trash your fence.That, at least, is the theory behind a newly installed “bear door” in the trash enclosure at the Aspen Golf Club’s clubhouse.The city recently paid to replace the cedar-stained wooden fence outside the clubhouse because of the damage wreaked on it by bears last year. It was likely destined to endure similar punishment this year, figured Ed Sadler, assistant city manager. So he suggested the Parks Department install a “bear door” in the fence – kind of a giant version of a doggy door that lets a pet in and out of a closed door. The big, hinged, wooden door conceals the garbage inside the enclosure, but a bear can push it out of the way for entry or exit.The trash inside the enclosure is locked up and inaccessible to the hungry bruins, but this way the bears can find that out without trashing the fence for a closer look, Sadler said.”The bears kept breaking down the fence because they smelled the garbage,” Sadler said. “The bear’s not stupid. He’s not going to break down the fence when he’s got a door. Then, when he can’t get in the Dumpster, he leaves through the door.”Sadler has no way of knowing whether the ursine visitors at the municipal golf course have yet used the bear door, but there have been bear sightings in the vicinity, he said.Janet Urquhart’s e-mail address is


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