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(Golf) cart before the horse?

Dear Editor:During citizen comments on the proposed Roaring Fork Club expansion in Basalt, myself and others noted that parts of the land being considered for annexation are outside of the current master plan and the Urban Growth Boundary of Basalt. It was suggested that consideration of the proposal be put off until the master plan is updated. This update is budgeted for and is supposed to happen this year.Glen Rappaport claimed that demands for a master plan were a disguise to oppose the golf club expansion. To quote, “all that does is just obscure the job we’re here to do.”I guess I have a quaint idea of what job our elected officials are “here to do.” I always thought it was to carry out the will of the citizens who elected them, not the will of developers.Until the citizens have had an opportunity to say what uses should occur on the land proposed for annexations, the cart is ahead of the horse. The current master plan was the result of a large amount of citizen input. Citizen input should be substantial for the update. Perhaps citizens will decide during the update process that a golf course is the best use for the proposed annexation. But until they have an opportunity to make that decision, how can it be known?Gerry TerwilligerBasalt

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