Goldies and The Kids |

Goldies and The Kids

Joy Overbeck

“I like the funky; I kinda get into the funky,” confesses Goldies owner Ronnie Marshall with a giggle. Oh yeah. Her store is filled with simply exuberant duds for grown-up ladies and young sprouts, from infant on up. So very riotous and outrageous as to light a firecracker beneath the jaded tastes of any bored slave to fashion.

Here’s a beautifully-quited, claret cut-velvet coat, next to a buttery-luscious chamois-colored suede jacket and pants outfit ideal for Aspen strolling. Plus an array of jeans all festooned in your choice of lace or embroidery or leather lacings-up-the-side, to wear with filmy tops designed in that very-now noveau hippy style. On the dressy side, there’s a collection of very glamorous Sue Wong gowns, slinky velvet or chiffon bejeweled in sequins and beads of intricate pattern, perhaps with even a shimmer of flowers spilling down the front.

The kids section is everything Cher would ever want for her grandkids-to-be. Little black sequined clogs for the barely-walking set, or a pair of tiny cowgirl boots, pink with silver stars. Paired with the iridescent pink and green fake-fur coat – devastating! Oohs and ahhs abound as parents and grandparents helplessly reach for the toddlers’ sweaters with their adorable bears or cats or horsies woven on the front. Then there’s the embroidered velvet jacket, or a patchwork top made of vintage chenille bedspreads by Marilyn Wolf Designs.

For about 17 years, this garden of delights has held its magic, thanks to Ronnie Marshall.

She shrugs off questions about how she does it, saying, “I kind of go by instinct.” It’s likely the lady has the taste-consciousness of New York and L.A., having lived in both cities – and adds a dollop of pure western fun. A grandmother now, she’s been a full-time Aspenite for 30 years and looks marvelous clad in her own Goldie inventory. Maybe it’s her black Rolls Royce that keeps her young. Confides Marshall, “I’ve been retiring for 10 years now but I never really do it. I think I’d get too bored.”