Gold mine of beef |

Gold mine of beef

Judy Fox-Perry

I write to respond to the recent articles on banning beef from the Aspen school lunch program. We absolutely should not expose anyone to a known disease such as mad cow, but here in the Roaring Fork Valley we sit on a gold mine of beef. Local ranchers produce range-fed, genetically unmodified, natural beef.

The cattle you see eating grass on Forest Service, BLM and bucolic pastures have not been exposed to supplemental feeds that are served in feed lots. Our local beef is as pure and wholesome as it gets. Sure, you won’t be able to distinguish this beef in national grocery stores chains, but it’s right here in your back yard.

Downvalley meat markets sell local, range-fed beef and you can buy it directly from many ranchers. It’s always a good idea to buy food as close to the original and natural product as possible. And, you’re supporting the local economy.

Bon appetit!


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