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Going to the goats

Dear Editor:

In his effort to challenge the Lift 1A redevelopment proposal on Monday night, Mayor Ireland cited a strange story told to him by his friend Michael Owsley. It had something to do with a forested island to which goats were introduced. Over time, it was said, the island had no more trees; the old-growth trees had sadly died off, and the new-growth trees to identically replace them were eaten by the hungry goats.

Somehow this was meant to illustrate the Lift 1A proposal before council. I believe he was assigning the role of the goats to the developers, but it is unclear who or what the old- and new-growth trees represent. At first I thought the bygone era of “the quiet years” might be the old-growth trees, but that would then make the vibrant and exciting new plan for 1A the new-growth trees, so that can’t be right. Unless of course, one recognizes the true identity of the goat(s).

Elizabeth Milias


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