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Goals not being met

The “straight shot” was originally conceived to cut down on car traffic into town by accommodating train service from the airport or Brush Creek stations. (The trains into and out of town would have been different trains than those coming from Glenwood, thus the need to transfer somewhere upvalley.)

Downvalley park-and-ride lots were to have encouraged train ridership because it would cost less to ride the train(s), be more convenient and quicker than driving into Aspen and paying to park. Trains were also to cut down on vehicular pollution.

The train system was voted down for, among other things, cost, the nuisance of having to transfer from one train to another and train-car-truck-bus traffic on Main Street, the aesthetics of four lanes straight into our town ? not to mention the changes that would have had to occur on Main Street.

Every single cottonwood tree on the mountain side of the street would have had to be cut down to prepare the street for the weight and vibrations of the trains. Replacement trees would take years to grow to maturity.

Anyone driving into town would have had to turn left on 7th Street in order to get back to Cemetery Lane, which is exactly what will happen if the straight shot is put through now. Etc., etc.

The modified-direct alignment will do nothing to cut down on car traffic, parking problems or pollution ? our original goals. We are providing no additional parking in or near town. We are adding no inexpensive clean-burning bus service from these parking lots.

We are building a tunnel into our open space. We are ruining the small town entrance that surprised and delighted us the first time we came into town and has made our Main Street unique from end to end.

The S-curves should stay, at least until we come up with an appropriate Entrance to Aspen. We should not be pressured by CDOT or threats of non-funding by those who would ram through the straight shot ? with or without trains or solving any of the car traffic problems into and out of Aspen.

Please vote for the S-curves ? twice if you live in Aspen.

Carol Saunders-White


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