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Go to the light

Charles Agar
The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO Colorado

After a long weekend homebound with a particular­ly phlegmy case of ” the crunk” ” a doctor said it was the same nasty virus everyone in Aspen has ” I’d become a virtual shut-in.

My world had been reduced to a sleeping- bag cocoon on the couch of my darkened apartment, my only companions the flickering parade of idiocy on the television and the occasional phone call.

Barack Obama kept things inter­esting in the news, and I’ve been caught up in whether that guy from Poison picks the stripper of his dreams or if Dr. Drew can get the nice celebrities all sobered up.

But somewhere between watching “Ben Hur” for the second time and guzzling the umpteenth goblet of tea with honey, my mood dropped to Proustian lows.

I started to get downright existential ” or maybe just a little dramatic.

Is this how I’ll go out? Hacking and wheezing alone in a room somewhere?

Will I have nothing to show for my life but this collec­tion of slightly used sporting goods and a few hundred bucks in the bank?

Then the fog started to clear and my hacking (and whining) abated.

I open the door just a crack on Tuesday afternoon to the bright afternoon glare.

And like a spelunker emerging from a long expedi­tion, I walked out into the day … into the future … into life … and into a big puddle in the parking lot.

I stood in the damp and let my eyes adjust to a glow­ing mogul-specked Aspen Mountain to one side and the high wall of Smuggler to the other, and realized that I live in a cathedral.

And life in Aspen is ripe with opportunity ” any­thing from ripping the slush of spring snow, to kayak­ing early runoff or just taking in the majesty of this beautiful place.

TV reality just can’t match up.

The Aspen Skiing Co. reported no new snow on local slopes over the past 24 hours in its Thursday morning snow report.

There are pockets of considerable avalanche danger on steep, wind-loaded N-NE-E-SE aspects near and above treeline today. Recent wind loading on these aspects will keep natural avalanche possible and human-triggered ones probable. The danger is moderate on other aspects near and above treeline. Below treeline the danger is low.

Go to http://avalanche.state.co.us/ for the full report and information on conditions statewide.