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Go soak awhile

Dear Editor:Mr. Morgan from Snowmass (Letters, Sept. 24) must be reading that my letter was grammatically flawed when I meant to close with, “Thanks, George Bush. Thanks, Karl Rove.”I was not intending to say that Karl Rove and George Lucas had a political relationship.It is well-known that former President Bush is closely aligned with the Carlyle Group, while both he and his son have close ties to Enron and Enron Europe.And as for WMDs, and the refusal of the Bush administration to reveal memos regarding intelligence reports preceding 9/11, only Condi can say, but she won’t.Perhaps Mr. Morgan should go soak for a while at the Strawberry Park Hot Springs, where he may ruminate about his own commentary on breeding a welfare class.Sven AlstromLawrence, Kan. and Aspen

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