Go green, Basalt

Dear Editor:I am disappointed in the town of Basalt and their current building codes. As Carbondale and Aspen have both taken on projects aimed to reduce their impact on the environment by cutting emissions and increasing efficiency, Basalt has done nothing but stand by and watch.It is time for Basalt to step up to the plate and take action. Many studies and statistics have been gathered and publicized proving the negative impact of human activity on the environment. I won’t state those here, as I am sure everyone has heard them many times. In the past few years, Basalt has seen lots of development, and many new development plans are being considered, especially in the Southside area. As the town examines these proposals, they must also analyze their effects on the environment, both short- and long-term.We live in a very beautiful place, and it is our responsibility to preserve it. Implementing emissions and efficiency standards in order to protect this beauty would most definitely be in the best interest of the townspeople of Basalt. Our neighbors Carbondale and Aspen have seen the necessity, and the time has come for Basalt to follow their lead.Nuala Del PiccoloBasalt