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Go big with Base Village

Dear Editor,It is refreshing that Snowmass Village can now return to being a snow sports resort and not the exclusive retirement community that Jeff Tippet and the other CRG members wanted. Now perhaps we can recapture the hundreds of thousands of guests who have chosen other resorts that have reinvested and expanded their infrastructure while we languished and decayed under the former mayors opposed to Base Village.But all is not lost for Jeff Tippet, Jack Hatfield and the other CRG members; they can recoup some of their $25,000-plus expense by selling their membership list. I am sure that the vast majority of CRG members are the target demographic for companies selling products for loss of bowel and bladder control, erectile dysfunction, Botox injections, burial plots, funeral insurance, nursing home care, Alzheimer’s studies.Also I have a suggestion, I noticed all the people wearing NO BASE CITY buttons appeared to be the age where they might have wandered away from their nursing homes. If the CRG decides to protest the next project, which I’m sure they will, I suggest their buttons read, “I am a decrepit old relic that should have been put in the ground years ago so I have no future and am opposed to: (fill in the blank).” I would also suggest to the Town Council to go with your original gut instinct to increase commercial to at least 100,000 square feet; I believe 64,000 square feet is woefully inadequate. Sixty-four thousand square feet is the average size of a chain grocery store and I don’t think that is enough square footage to insure a vibrant town center.I don’t see our guests saying on their return home, “Jeez Mary, there were just too many choices of restaurants, nightlife and shopping. Let’s go next year to somewhere without sooo many choices.” However, because of the relative ages of CRG members, I know they may get confused with all the choices the new Base Village will bring so I would suggest they move to a ski area in the Midwest where there is usually only one choice of restaurant/shop/bar.Ron IbaraAspen

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