Global warming myth? |

Global warming myth?

Dear Editor:With Gore’s movie out there and these meetings that are going on about global warming supposedly taking place, I have several questions that I don’t believe anyone has bothered to put to these so-called intellectual elitists, who in all actuality are trying so hard to have the United States pass the Kyoto Treaty of the United Nations.If this so-called global warming is going on and we are burning up, why aren’t the birds dropping out of the sky? Why is there an increase in polar bear population, and they’re doing well, according to the interior of Canada? Why is there an increase of seals, walruses, penguins and the other wildlife that depends on the poles to sustain their lives? Why is it that politicians and the ones that are addressed to be politically correct are the only ones invited to these functions?Dr. Richard Lindzen, an MIT climate scientist, stated, “Science, in the public arena, is commonly used as a source of authority with which to bludgeon political opponents and propagandize uninformed citizens” in an article of the Wall Street Journal earlier this year. Why isn’t this man, as well as Dr. Arthur Robinson, the director of the Oregon Institute for Science and Medicine, Dr. Frederick Seitz, and others that are up to snuff on this so-called global warming myth, not called in to represent what they have found as fact against this theory?There are thousands of impressive academic scientists that do not buy into this theory, and when they make their views known publicly the drive-by media totally ignores them. My question is why? What is the underlining meaning to this lack of gathering of information from the greatest minds in the science field? Could it be that we must pay more taxes and become a part of an organization that I don’t trust, the United Nations?There are always two sides to a story, why not two sides to a theory? I do not believe politicians, and I really question the people who claim to be politically correct. I am not one to follow the leader, and I have always been one to question. As I see it, common sense has been replaced by fear, and this is sad. People, wake up and know there is another side to this myth. It’s not over yet, and all I know and believe is that God is still in control and he will take care of the things he has created.Ida Marie Pausin KingCarbondale

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