Glitch doesn’t hamper event success |

Glitch doesn’t hamper event success

Dear Editor:

What great fun we had on Sunday, July 17 cheering for all participants biking up to the magnificent Maroon Bells! Everyone had a safe ride and was all smiles. The camaraderie was terrific.

However, I must apologize about the discrepancy in start times ” some places said 8:30 and the newspaper printed 9:30 for the past few weeks. Our timing group insisted on an earlier start, so some people were disappointed that their names will not be in the newspaper with their times. It seems that they all got to ride and I thank everyone for participating in this worthwhile cause ” the continual fight against breast cancer.

Robert Applebaum posted his personal best at 44:44 and Richard Sachson clocked in at 44:09 ” even though they missed the gun! These guys are 59 and 62 and are flatlanders. Patsy Malone and the other dedicated volunteers are what make this town great. And Gary Beach generously waived his Highlands Village fee so we could meet and greet before and after the race.

So, thank you one and all ” keep up the fight.

Lorrie B. and Larry Winnerman


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