Glenwood Springs Community Center closes temporarily after employee tests positive for COVID-19 |

Glenwood Springs Community Center closes temporarily after employee tests positive for COVID-19

Peter Baumann
Glenwood Springs Post Independent
The Glenwood Springs Community Center.
City of Glenwood Springs/Courtesy Photo

The Glenwood Springs Community Center will be closed Monday after an employee tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday.

City Manager Debra Figueroa said Garfield County Public Health was notified Sunday and is conducting contact tracing to determine who might else have been exposed. The employee who tested positive checks people in for pool laps and had been off for a couple of days, but was tested Sunday at Valley View Hospital after becoming symptomatic. She said she did not believe the employee was symptomatic before taking time off.

“We did have a COVID-19 social distance plan in place that we followed,” she said. “I think we have to wait and work with public health tomorrow (to know more).”

In the meantime, other city employees who worked with the individual were being contacted by the city Sunday night. Any city employees in need of testing or time off to self-quarantine will be covered under city policy.

“We have a policy where sick time will be covered for quarantine,” Figueroa said. “We have to work through the process to figure out who needs to be tested.”

This isn’t the first such positive result which required a facility to close or partially close since Glenwood Springs began to reopen in late May. Last week, the Sopris Cafe at Iron Mountain Hot Springs closed temporarily after two employees tested positive. Figueroa said that the potential for similar incidences will likely exist for the near-future — and serve as a reminder of the importance of social distancing, wearing a face covering and generally limiting one’s exposure.

“We can all try to be as safe as we can but we all have to realize that COVID-19 is still out in the community and we need to be careful to protect our loved ones,” she said.

Figueroa said more information should be available Monday, but that anyone with questions in the meantime should contact Garfield County Public Health at 970-945-6614.

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