Glenwood paving on track to finish two weeks early

John Gardner
Glenwood Springs correspondent
Aspen, CO Colorado

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado – Contractors anticipate the paving project that has slowed travel on Grand Avenue in Glenwood Springs will be completed by the end of May.

According to project spokesman Tom Newland, Villalobos Construction is rapidly reaching completion of the work; it should be finished sometime between May 18 and May 21.

“This will put the project at least 14 days ahead of schedule,” Newland said.

The third phase of the project began May 10 and involved pouring the center lane of Grand Avenue; that phase is “essentially complete,” Newland stated in a press release.

Some work remains to be done along the sides of Grand Avenue, and should be done next week.

The contractor hopes to have permanent lane striping done this weekend, before tackling clean-up and a “punch list” of remaining items.

In addition to the final lane striping, the traffic markers on the pavement at all of the traffic signals on Grand Avenue, between 23rd Street and 8th Street, will also be painted. This work will be outside the construction area and should only take a short time to finish.

After the remaining work items are completed, the final cleanup of the project can begin.

Traffic will remain in single lanes in each direction to provide safe working areas for the crews as they complete the work. The lane configuration may vary depending on specific locations of the work is being conducted, so signage and traffic control will change over the next week.

The uncured pavement that was driven on by a vehicle early Tuesday morning still needs to be tested to see if it must be replaced. Core samples will be taken Saturday or Sunday and the integrity of the bond between the cement and the aggregate will be determined. If the bonding has been compromised, that section of concrete may need to be removed and replaced, Newland said.