Glenwood man’s legal troubles continue in Aspen |

Glenwood man’s legal troubles continue in Aspen

Jason Auslander
The Aspen Times

A Glenwood Springs man with a history of arrests for theft and alcohol-fueled violations of protection orders was arrested again for theft recently during Winterskol, according to a police report.

Aspen police were called to the Winterskol Men’s Health tent Jan. 17 to investigate a report of a man stealing a $240 pair of sunglasses. A man running a photo booth for Maui Jim sunglasses reported that Benjamin Levy, 29, stole the glasses after posing for photos, the report states. The man who ran the booth said he demanded that Levy return the glasses, but Levy said he didn’t have them, according to the report. The man then threatened to call police, prompting Levy to try and leave the tent. The man told police he then grabbed Levy’s ski helmet and refused to give it back until the sunglasses were returned, the report states.

Levy was still at the tent when officers arrived, and claimed he didn’t have the glasses. He also “made random statements of never being arrested sober before,” the report states.

Officers made him take out all his belongings from his backpack, pockets and coat before they arrested him. The report does not say if the pair of sunglasses was recovered.

Levy’s recent troubles with law enforcement began Oct. 13, 2013, when he was arrested for firing a gun in his Woody Creek apartment. The bullet traveled into a neighbor’s apartment, though no one was home so no injuries occurred. He also was charged with DUI the same day.

Three months later, Levy allegedly failed to report a car accident, confronted a waiter at an Aspen restaurant while allegedly intoxicated over a personal matter and was later prohibited by the court from consuming alcohol.

Then came summer 2014 and a string of arrests.

Levy was arrested May 8 for theft at Target in Glenwood Springs, May 9 for suspicion of theft at another Glenwood store and harassment of a relative outside the store, June 22 for suspicion of DUI, violation of a protection order and leaving the scene of an accident and June 24 for harassment of a relative.

On July 29, Levy was arrested again for violating two protection orders. After bonding out of jail hours later, police had to use at Taser on him before they arrested him again for harassing a relative.

Then on Sept. 12 he was arrested again a Target and accused of attempting to disable the alarm on a piece of merchandise.

He also was arrested on Valentine’s Day last year after getting into a verbal dispute with a relative seeking treatment at Valley View Hospital. He was allegedly drunk at the time.

The Feb. 14 arrest prompted an Aspen prosecutor to yank a plea deal. The outcome of all the charges was not clear Thursday.

Court records indicate Levy may suffer from substance abuse and mental-health issues.