Glenwood man sentenced to jail, health evaluations |

Glenwood man sentenced to jail, health evaluations

Staff report

A man familiar to Pitkin County police officers was sentenced to 69 days in jail and three years in community corrections after pleading guilty Thursday to one of several protection-order violations and a felony burglary charge.

Benjamin Levy, 27, has been in and out of court in Pitkin and Garfield counties since October 2013 on charges ranging from driving under the influence to illegal discharge of a firearm.

In June, Levy, of Glenwood Springs, was arrested after breaking into his wife’s Sunlight home, where he was held at gunpoint until authorities arrived. He was ultimately subdued with a Taser.

He has been arrested three times since then, most recently for allegedly showing up drunk at Valley View Hospital on Valentine’s Day and getting into an argument with a patient. The incident caused the District Attorney’s Office to nix a Pitkin County plea deal in an older case in which he was accused of aimlessly firing shots from a high-powered rifle in the Woody Creek area and then driving drunk.

Levy will be required to complete an alcohol and mental-health evaluation and undergo treatment as part of his sentencing.

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