Glenwood is bag-fee free |

Glenwood is bag-fee free

Dear Editor:

I was struck by the quotation attributed to an Aspen//Pitkin County resource administrator that the amount of the proposed tax on plastic bags (tourism tax) was determined to be “appropriate” when it fell just short of the “pain threshold.” Ironically this is the same argument made to try and justify laboratory testing on animals.

We have had a great summer season in Glenwood Springs. We invite locals and visitors alike to do all their shopping in Glenwood Springs when the plastic bag charge goes into effect in Basalt and Aspen. We appreciate your business!

On another note, I find it easier and easier to understand letters to the editor from Emzy Veazy III as the years go by, and to agree with him entirely. What does that mean?

Patrick C. Collins

Glenwood Springs

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