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Glenwood Hot Springs Pool

Aspen Alive Staff

Hit the Hot Springs on a cold day: Until you dunk your first foot into the 104-degree pool, then your second foot and then the rest of you, you won’t know what you’re missing if you bypass the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool (945-7131). Within minutes, you’ll become a wet noodle, lounging lazily among other comatose humans on the stone steps of the therapy pool.

Lie back and listen to the soft hum of traffic as the Jacuzzi chairs bubble and the Union Pacific and Amtrak trains pass by. Look up at the old redstone bathhouse and imagine what President Teddy Roosevelt and Baby Doe Tabor must have thought decades ago about this unusual mountain oasis, whose reputation apparently challenged the most lavish spas of Europe. If you’re lucky, a light snow will be falling.

Depending on how much relief you need, the pools themselves could suffice. For the more seriously stressed, the Hot Springs Lodge and Pool has professional massage therapists (945-7428).