Glass is the man |

Glass is the man

Dear Editor:

Don’t forget that Holy Cross ballot that you may have set aside, and please cast your vote for Mike Glass.

We have known Mike both personally and professionally for many years, and are convinced that he is the best candidate for the board of directors. In his previous three-year term he’s been dedicated to keeping Holy Cross moving in a progressive yet balanced manner, understanding both the importance of renewable energy, as well as the larger issues of running a reliable and efficient utility co-op that we all count on every day.

As an active member within the community and a president at Alpine Bank, Mike understands the perspective of locals and their businesses and brings a tremendous amount of financial knowledge to the board. As a Colorado native, father and longtime local, he also values the quality of life we all enjoy here and recognizes the long-term thinking and planning required to maintain it.

He is a smart, detailed and dedicated individual who brings a lot of knowledge and balance to the board of Holy Cross. In an election where so few people bother to vote, your ballot could actually be the deciding one, and we urge you to vote for Mike Glass.

David and Katie Campbell