Giving thanks |

Giving thanks

Dear Editor:

The Buddy Program would like to give many thanks to all the wonderful people who made possible the annual Thanksgiving dinner at the Hickory House.

To Tong Lu, who provided the turkeys; Paradise Bakery, Main Street Bakery, U.S. Foods and especially Paul Dioguardi, Brian Jack and the managers, staff and volunteers of the Hickory House, who gave tireless hours to the event. They worked continually with smiles on their faces the entire time!

While I was there, we had a steady stream of Aspen locals and guests com­ing through the door. All were so excited to have the opportunity to have a fabu­lous dinner with their friends while giv­ing the proceeds to one of our valley’s nonprofits. So many people received so much through these kind and generous efforts of the Hickory House.

Again, thank you, thank you to the Hickory House and all the goodness that you represent.

Catherine Anne Couch

and staff The Buddy Program

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