Giving bruins a break |

Giving bruins a break

Dear Editor:I think it would be appropriate for the DOW, who seem to have their heads in the sand and are living in the past when it comes to the bear situation today, to respond to why they think we can’t feed the bears as has been suggested recently by several people and, please, don’t say it’s the town’s fault for not complying and you’re doing all you can do. IT AIN’T WORKING!Here’s what’s going on. Bears are smart. They know there’s no food in the woods, that’s a given, and even if everyone does their part with bear regulations, because of home barbecues, restaurant exhausts, Dumpsters, etc., they know there’s food in town.Now if you were a starving bear where would you be? Do you understand that, DOW? They’re not going back in the woods, period; they’re going to stay where the food is and get at it however they can, and that’s where the trouble starts.Let’s give them a break. How about feeding them on the edge of town and then gradually moving the feeding stations farther away? It’s either going to be something like this or eventually euthanasia for them all.Don DixonAspen