Giving a lot for the war |

Giving a lot for the war

Dear Editor:Sue Gray likes to think she is the only person who is educated and worldly enough to verify information or know anything about what is going on in the world (letters, June 20). I did receive an e-mail containing some of those statements, but I am not stupid enough to cut and paste without doing research. The link I had for verification of those facts presented in my previous letter was omitted by the paper probably to reduce the number of words. The link is However, other than the Internet, I also get feedback from people that I know currently living and serving in Iraq.I am sorry that the facts in my previous letter do not suit your interests, Sue Gray. And coming from a military site, I know you’ll scream that you won’t believe that either. You just can’t stand to see both sides of this story. Your twisted thinking does nothing but undermine us as a country and give the insurgents more reasons to think that they will win due to the attention people like you receive.War is not justified, ever, but neither is your unpatriotic sense of values. My family gave a lot for this war with the death of a nephew in Iraq and we continue to stand by what our military is doing. Contrary to what you feel, not know, Sue Gray, the muslim insurgents of the world want to kill us. We didn’t go looking to kill them, it was the other way around. Maybe we’re not perfect but we are not the bad guys and neither is Israel.Cynthia BartoshLas Vegas

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