Give Wolfie a chance |

Give Wolfie a chance

This letter is in regards to an incredible dog named Wolfie. I saw his picture in the paper because he is up for adoption in the Aspen Animal Shelter and fell in love with his face.

So, I decided I would go check him out for a few days, just to give him a break from his kennel. I kept Wolfie for almost a week in my home and discovered how great this dog really is.

He has an incredible personality (better than a lot of people I know). He’s great with kids and other dogs, never begged for food, never tried to jump up on my couch, never asked to go outside, and didn’t need to be on a leash when I hiked in places where it was OK.

Wolfie shouldn’t be in a kennel. He belongs in a loving home. I wish I could keep him, but I’m not allowed to have pets.

So, if you happen to be looking for a special companion, give Wolfie a deserving chance.

Lisa Hatem