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Give us the facts

Dear Editor:

We’ve got an election coming up that may, or may not, change who the mayor is and may, or may not, change two members of the City Council. The current City Council, along with the Aspen Art Museum, is asking citizens to vote on a very important referendum, Question 1, asking whether we should allow a future, half-unknown council and future, unknown mayor to sell city property to a private, nonprofit organization.

Neither side will give us an idea of the appraisals and purchase price of the valuable public property, and neither side will clearly state if the organizations who now have total open use of the community property (Rio Grande meeting room) will continue to have total open use of the proposed meeting rooms in the new AAM building.

Lines have been drawn, the wagons have circled, feelings are being hurt, accusations are getting uglier, and a solid, local pizza business hangs in the balance because there just aren’t enough facts to intelligently make this decision in a vote.

Please, City Council and Aspen Art Museum, give us some straight-talk facts as to what the community can expect to be paid if this deal goes through and what we either gain or lose (all of us ” not just art lovers) if we give up the open, reasonably priced, community center we have now! Either that, or take the question off the ballot until we have more information to make an educated vote. Your vague, open-ended information is causing rumored and mean-spirited comments and splitting the town.

Otherwise, the way I see it ” no solid facts from either side ” vote NO on Question 1.

Ricki Newman


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