Give us back our money |

Give us back our money

Dear Editor:

So the city wants to keep a so-called “tax windfall” from the astonishing increase in assessed property values in Aspen. Even though they seem to admit they don’t know what to do with the money. This is outrageous!

The 45 percent increase in assessed values of property in Aspen doesn’t add a cent to the income of any Aspen citizen. Yet the city’s proposed money grab will increase the tax bill of each of us and thereby reduce our disposable income and standard of living.

Paul Menter says the city getting OUR money sooner is an attractive option for the city. No s—!

Once again we see politicians assuming that this is their money and not the hard-earned money of Aspen citizens. It most emphatically is not their money: It’s ours. Any government that is truly “of the people” doesn’t raise unnecessary taxes on the people just to put the money in the bank. If we citizens of Aspen want to put OUR money in the bank, then we should be allowed to put it in our banks for our purposes. I urge people to show up at the city council meeting on Monday to raise their collective voices against this idea of taking OUR money to put in their bank.

Robert Auld

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