Give us a break |

Give us a break

Dear Editor:

Last Friday afternoon, amid the excitement of watching my daughter’s very first soccer game, I was shocked to see the parking police circling the ARC parking lot and Maroon Creek Road ticketing anyone who wasn’t in a “designated” parking spot in the lot or parking alongside the road. I was even more surprised, to see that they came not once, but twice, just before 5 p.m. the second time, it seemed to be sure they also hit the second group of parents arriving to watch the later games.

While I appreciate that the parking attendant is just doing her job, she clearly knows that if you’re looking for the few young families that are still part of the Aspen community, you’ll find them at that time, at that field. It seems a bit harsh to target this group of working parents, soccer moms and volunteer coaches. It’s a six week season that ends in early October; why not give it a break?

Killeen Brettmann