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Give up the ghost

Dear Editor:It seems time for the opposition to Snowmass’ Base Village to end its campaign.This group has served a very useful purpose to date in providing a counterpoint to the Town Council and Skico/Intrawest. Their efforts have resulted in a compromise that is probably fair to the town: a smaller project yet one that is sufficiently large to provide the vibrancy needed.However, it is now appropriate to stop opposing progress and instead embrace it. Past efforts were able to help create pressure for a smaller development. Any of these efforts always had an “out” – there was another meeting to be had or another vote to be taken.There is no “out” if a referendum is taken, and Base Village is not approved. There will be no other meetings or votes; it will be totally dead. No more compromises, no smaller future village, no nothing. Dead. And the promise of economic progress dead with it.The village has already spoken. The vote taken last spring indicated that the majority of the voters want the project the way it is. That should be the referendum. The poll recently taken by Skico indicates a strong preference for the project. That is substantiation of the vote. And, if you count the list of second-home owners also in support, it indicates the voice of the silent population.It is time to let go. Further divisiveness serves no useful purpose. Recent allegations by the opposition that the poll was not scientific are an example. I am a retired CEO of a marketing research company, a pollster so to speak. What I saw of the sampling procedure looked fine to me. And, while like Jeff Tippett, I did not see the questions used either and do not know if they were biased, the questions being used by Mr. Tippett in his poll are biased. You don’t ask, “Would you vote against the Base Village?” That has a bias associated with it because people have a tendency to answer “Yes.” You ask, “Would you vote for or against the Base Village?”Quibbling about polls or anything else at this point is of no value. Give up the ghost!David RossSnowmass Village


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