Give them what they deserve |

Give them what they deserve

Dear Editor:

Dear Congress: No more talk about creating jobs. You let companies ship manufacturing out, or allowed creation of “off shore headquarters,” which took the jobs and taxes. There are no job factories. No more talk of a “spending problem.” Most Americans have no money, no job. No more talk of tax cuts and loop holes for the corporations and the shareholders who are making money on cheap labor and lax environmental laws.

They got their profit margin and shareholders are making more money – pay the taxes. No more talk about guilty bankers and gamblers who created the banking crisis and the loan mess. Just punish the guilty … now. No more talk of taking Medicare, Medicade, unemployment benefits, Social Security and aid programs away from the poor, the unemployed, the sick, and the elderly.

They at least worked while they had a job. Finally, no more talk to Congress. Put them offshore, unemployed, unpaid, uninsured and without benefits – and let them haggle.

Dan Forde


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