Give the Aspen Community School a lift |

Give the Aspen Community School a lift

Dear Editor:

The time I have spent at the Aspen Community School has been incredible. I have made so many great memories, and I am sad to say that this is my last year.

One of the great things this school does is bring people together. I am in eighth grade. I know every kindergarten-through-seventh-grade student, not just the kids in my grade. I know them all because we have a lot of whole-school activities.

Every week, the entire school gets together to share our work and our successes. On outdoor-education trips, the groups include students from four different grades working together. During our school play, all 127 students have a role, and we are together rehearsing and supporting each other. In fact, all 127 students are on stage for the finale.

These experiences make our school like a huge family. Aspen Community School is working to build a new campus. Although I won’t be here next year, I want to support this school, and I hope the rest of our community will find it in their hearts to support our new school by giving to the Aspen Community School Campus Campaign by visiting

Cooper Campisi

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