Give second-home owners a say |

Give second-home owners a say

Dear Editor:We read with great interest the Snowmass Village Sun article covering the Town Council discussion regarding Rick Griffin’s proposal to establish a Second Homeowners Advisory Committee.The vast majority of second-home owners who would otherwise have a great deal to offer the community in the way of support and creative and positive input have been precluded from direct representation in the structures and channels currently in place which in general are restricted to full-time residents. The only official channel in the past for direct representation of second-home owners’ interests has been the Snowmass Village Resort Association, and as you are well aware that organization has been dysfunctional and relatively ineffective for years. Hopefully it is on its way to complete dissolution in the not-to-distant future. In any event, SVRA is not charged with planning and implementing the future of our town.The current and future critical village issues facing all stakeholders, including second-home owners, requires the full and active representation and participation of all interested parties. Rick’s proposal at this very critical time in the planning process is the most effective, efficient and direct method of channeling the ideas and support of this important stakeholder group.We strongly encourage you to implement this proposal as soon as possible and in this connection we stand ready and willing to help and support you in this endeavor in whatever way we can.Mel D. Blumenthal, PresidentEnclave Homeowners AssociationSnowmass Village