Give peace a chance

Dear Editor:

Just finished reading the letter penned by our beloved Tim Reed about the Rhodesian ridgeback owner who was fined (“Look out for the troll of the Rio Grande Trail,” Thursday, The Aspen Times). I am shocked.

Both the dog owner and Tim Reed are valuable and important members of our community.

But what was completely surprising was Tim’s experience of the dog owner. The dog owner always has been extraordinarily considerate. He’s a man who is meticulously responsible with his dogs.

His dogs are well-socialized, beautifully behaved, lovely animals – and that is due to a thoughtful, responsible dog owner. We have a puppy from the litter born in Aspen, and not only do the litter (now two) still get together, but the dog owner made his choices for owners so carefully that several of the owners have become friends. He gently and graciously made it possible for us to own one of the puppies – a thoughtful, kind individual in every instance.

Please, gentlemen, give each other a second chance – you might find you have a lot in common.

Claudia Cunningham