Give Mother Earth a rest |

Give Mother Earth a rest

The United States of America must go into a transformation or cocoon stage in order to be reborn into (as the American Indians teach) the Fifth World of Peace.

Butterflies do this because it is in their DNA; however, we humans must change ourselves because we have free will. A system of laws, government and social conditions shall emerge that are just and easily understood.

Let’s store our food for a year and stop everything except our essential services. (I understand the Mormon Church has perfected this procedure.) Make sure there is food, shelter and clothing for everyone, as well as free medical service during this time, without making anyone feel inferior.

We are blessed with persons who have the specific knowledge to accomplish this; each discipline would establish its own consortium to upgrade our infrastructure to the highest and safest condition; bring our laws up to date; move people out of harm’s way into small self-contained communities, even if they live within a larger city.

In the case of continual natural disasters, the land vacated would be used to produce food. Establish a national employment registry, so persons not involved in essential pursuits can help

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where needed and be invited anywhere in the world.

We must never neglect our military personnel; for instance, there is an inexpensive collar produced by Sharper Image called “Personal Cooling System #XI 558” that would keep anyone cool in any hot climate. I’m sure other companies have similar products and the military contract would be shared; we don’t have time to go through a prolonged process!

Let’s clean up our air, water and nerves, while we give Mother Earth a rest, so she may blossom forth energized and gorgeous!

Eloise Ilgen


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