Give Lance his day |

Give Lance his day

Dear Editor:

As I watched the final days of the Tour de France, then saw Lance Armstrong had achieved the amazing victory of standing on the winner’s platform, I was thinking Aspen should welcome him “home” with some form of acknowledgment of his tremendous accomplishment which reflects so highly on the qualities of discipline and perseverance.

It’s another example of “wrong thinking” for Aspen City Council to decide not to honor Lance’s accomplishment just because there are locals who have also struggled to obtain athletic prowess who have not been honored by this town. If that’s the case, honor them, but don’t let council be so narrow in their thinking that they decide not to honor Lance’s victory just because Aspen has failed to honor other victors when they should have in the past.

This is another example of Aspen’s choosing to be exclusive instead of inclusive, and it’s sad. Towns throughout the world celebrate and honor their citizens who achieve great physical feats. Aspen should show more maturity by celebrating those who achieve physical greatness. This can only enhance our sense of community and accomplishment.

Susan C. O’Neal


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