Give Kerry a chance |

Give Kerry a chance

Dear Editor:The more I read and observe, the more disgusted I get with the direction this country is going. We seem to be turning into a nation of lawbreakers, from speeders on Highway 82 (small scale) to the national level with the travesty of leadership known as George W. Bush.The saying “Unfaithful in small things, unfaithful in large things” comes to mind.I don’t doubt that George W. is sincere in his religious beliefs. The problem is, he was elected in a political non-religious system, in order to serve all citizens, not just those who can pay big bucks to buy preferential policies.GW has ruined America’s reputation around the world. He set a dangerous precedent by invading Iraq. He thumbed his nose at the United Nations. He sends young people off to a conflict that looks more and more like the desert version of Vietnam.GW lied to the American people. He had plans to invade Iraq months before 9/11 happened. Since the invasion, he has ignored intelligence briefings that tell him Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11. He has still not captured Osama bin Laden.His administration even “outed” one of its own covert CIA agents, in retaliation for something the agent’s spouse had done that was not to the president’s liking. Do we really want people like this in leadership positions, as role models for children?The story of our country reads more and more like a sleazy novel about a Third World dictatorship, yet it is not fiction we are living here.And that’s not to mention the destructive domestic policies the president has set in place and the climate of secrecy and bullying in which he is implementing them.One of the hallmarks of a free nation is the free and non-secret flow of information. How many people are aware that Congress members were given four hours (on a Friday) to review the thousand pages of a new Medicare prescription drug bill? Why the demand for a hurry-up vote on such a massive expenditure?Why does GW prohibit the media at American military bases from taking photographs of the coffins of military personnel killed in Iraq? What are the president and the Congress members who go along with him hiding?George W. Bush took an oath to uphold the Constitution, yet the Patriot Act violates five of the 10 amendments in the Bill of Rights. Why are there no impeachment proceedings against him?George W. has had four years to show us what he’s capable of. If we now want to save this country from becoming “the late great United States of America,” we must give John Kerry a chance.LinelleAspen

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