Give it up for Guenin |

Give it up for Guenin

Dear Editor:We would like to add our voices to the mountains of accolades that are most certainly being heaped upon Gaylord Guenin for being awarded the prestigious Fishwit Prize.A highlight of our annual get-together is a stop at the Woody Creek Tavern for its delicious food and ambiance. Last spring ’06, we were not disappointed. While having lunch there, we had the memorable experience of witnessing firsthand not only Mr. Guenin’s talent for firing off colorful verbal zingers, but also his skill at launching pugilistic zingers at a fellow patron. Although, we felt badly for Mr. Guenin when, after shoving his drunken friend out the door and his friend yelling back, “You’re not my friend anymore,” Gaylord leaned heavily on the bar and exclaimed, “This hurts. This really hurts.”The Woody Creek Tavern should expand with a hotel and hire Gaylord Guenin as their concierge. Guests would be assured of never a dull moment.Way to go, Gaylord.Bob Schwinger, Crystal River ValleyJim Schwinger, Hamburg, N.Y.

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