Give her a chance |

Give her a chance

Dear Editor:

Let’s not and say we did.

At the Garfield County Democratic Party Assembly and Convention this weekend, as a supporter of Hillary Clinton, I listened to the supporters of Barack Obama state their support for him. It became obvious that they believe that by voting for Obama they feel they are rising above the gender issue and including more people than the Clinton campaign.

It isn’t the same thing as giving a woman a chance. I don’t think it sends the message to everyone listening that Americans are willing to give a woman a chance. I still believe that voting for Clinton is voting to add a piece to the mix that has been missing for a long time, not pitting women against men. We need to actually give a woman a chance in the White House, and we need to actually give her support for that to be true, not stand by and wait for her to fail.

Diane Manown