Give development a rest |

Give development a rest

Dear Editor:

Interesting caption on page 5 of Wednesday’s paper (“Elk club,” Nov. 14). “A herd of elk rest Tuesday morning in a field along McLain Flats Road as heavy equipment operators work in the background.”

However, when I have seen elk resting, they are generally laying down, content ” NOT standing at attention in a tight group looking in every direction, wondering where the next attack on their field is coming from, and if it will be humans or machines. These elk are not “resting,” they are stressed, frightened and just trying to find a quiet niche where humans just let them be.

This is heartbreaking and unnecessary ” at least let’s not lie about human impact on these beautiful creatures that were here long before the humans were and deserve their space without fear of further encroachment. These elk are much better neighbors than the people who are causing them this problem.

Cheryl Cain

Glenwood Springs

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