Give democracy a try |

Give democracy a try

Dear Editor,To the Soldiers of the Movement to Recall District Attorney Colleen Truden:Never before have I been involved in something so important to my community and its people than the movement to bring integrity back to the district attorney’s office. I want to thank my wife and children for sacrificing yet more time away from their daddy and husband. I want to thank the many who went out there and walked, talked and sometimes ran to get the 9,000-plus signatures for the petition. You were soldiers for democracy. I worked with people who I disagree with regarding most every political issue; however, we all agreed that integrity is paramount for all elected officials. It was an awesome experience. There were late nights and early mornings, but they were necessary. I can now look back on the last two months and smile when I think of some of the awesome experiences I had in this journey toward democracy. There were the many “thumbs-up” signs, honking horns and “amens!” There was the early morning in New Castle when I saw an elderly couple arrive with their signs and petitions to stand in the heat to gather signatures and the gratitude they felt when I had my wife and my children bring ice water to somehow dampen the heat.I want to relate to everyone, whether you were involved in this process or not, how the purest form of democracy is to get involved and take it to the grassroots. I had people slam on their brakes, jump out of the car and beg me to sign the petition while apologizing for voting for Mrs. Truden. This happened on numerous occasions. I always responded with, “don’t ever apologize for voting!” Voting is only part of the process, though. Get out there! Try democracy! It’s invigorating! Thanks for your hard work!Jeff CheneyNew CastleMember, Committee to Recall Colleen Truden

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