Give credit where it’s due |

Give credit where it’s due

Dear Editor:

In Friday’s Aspen Times, reporter Scott Condon made a mistake. As a newspaper, I hope you will seek accuracy.

I did not create the Bistro Basalt. My good friend Alain Laval was the Bistro. As I said on the KNFO radio show “Real Estate Realities” with Wendy Lucas today, it was Alain who created the Bistro Basalt; his vision and his food. I want the record corrected.

I am proud to have been Alain’s partner. We did bring to Basalt a great restaurant, and we were part of Basalt being recognized as one of the great places on the planet.

In these times, great ideas, quality and dedication need to be accurately reported. I wish the best for the new restaurant and Basalt.

Richard Duddy


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