Give back to bears with table scraps |

Give back to bears with table scraps

Dear Editor:The killing of two bears last week that were starving and desperate enough to break into homes prompts the question: Why can’t we feed them at critical times when they need to fatten up and when nature has dealt a blow to their food sources? We have eliminated much of their habitat and should be making some effort to give back to them.Wouldn’t it be possible to collect the produce and food waste from grocery stores and restaurants and deposit it at places away from town? Could we fund these efforts with hunting license fees or fines from those not heeding trash bin requirements?I realize it’s not a simple or ideal solution, but neither is death. We feed other wildlife such as birds, and elk are being fed in some states; don’t we owe the bears that much? I know many people would support such an idea and if it is more than officials could handle, perhaps we could form a volunteer care bear group. Count me in.Janice FreyAspen