Gilman understands energy |

Gilman understands energy

Dear Editor:

I am writing to urge you to vote for Megan Gilman for the Holy Cross Energy board.

As a member of Holy Cross Energy, you to get a chance to choose the leadership and you should. The board of directors at Holy Cross Energy make decisions that affect our lives and wallets, since we all use electricity every single day.

I have personally worked with Megan for several years on an array of projects and feel confident that she will provide solid leadership if elected to the board of directors. She has a deep understanding of how we all use electricity in our homes and businesses and an impressive array of knowledge on programs and opportunities that can reduce energy consumption and save us all money. Megan understands the difficult financial decisions our clients face when trying to implement energy efficiency upgrades or renewable energy and provides us with great technical information, allowing our clients to make the most informed decisions possible.

I am certain that Megan will be a valuable asset to the Holy Cross Energy board of directors and serve the members well.

Travis Bossow


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