Getting pretty with Border Patrol |

Getting pretty with Border Patrol

Dear Editor: I feel pretty, oh so pretty,I feel pretty, witty and bright- West Side StoryWell, of course I don’t feel pretty. But I do feel pretty, pretty giddy and bright right now, because my brand new (official) U.S. Border Patrol cap has arrived. Now, I know that the knuckle draggers on the retrograde Aspen Times editorial board consider the U.S. Border Patrol cap to be “inflammatory clothing,” and wearing it to be being “extremism” equal to the extremism of gang bangers tossing five bullets into a customer-filled 7-Eleven store. That, of course, is why the Times is rightly the object of daily ridicule and disgust in the Denver talk-radio scene. (By the way, when will 7-Eleven be announcing the reward for information leading the arrest and conviction of the gang-banging attempted murderers?)So every day now I will be wearing my “inflammatory” cap with the hope of inflaming and provoking. Yep! So if anyone has of problem with that, please do let me know. And if anyone else wants a cap, you may reach me at feel pretty, witty and bright.Mike McGarryAspen

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