Getting paid to be bad

Dear Editor:Ever wonder who the worst, most inconsiderate drivers in town are? I would offer that those who drive extremely large SUVs for hotels in town are the No. 1 suspects for the worst driver award of this season.I was recently crossing the Bleeker and Mill Street crosswalk by the Hotel Jerome when an SUV came rushing up to the crosswalk with no apparent indication of obeying the stop sign that is there. I was forced to pause in fear in the middle of the road, wondering if this speeding SUV would hit me or not. Imagine my shock when I saw that the SUV bore the logo of the famous Hotel Jerome! I went to the front of the hotel and asked for the manager of the drivers. I told the manager there that he should tell his employees to slow down. He asked me “Why, did you almost get run over?” with a smile on his face. I said yes I did, and he told me that he had been the one driving. I was shocked. I asked him if he knew that the speed limit in town was 25, and told him that he must have been going about 40. Instead of apologizing for his lack of consideration he told me that all of the other hotel drivers go just as fast.I asked what that had to do with him and his commitment to the level of service the Jerome was supposed to uphold. He replied, “What service commitment? Are you staying here?” I could not believe I was being spoken to in such a manner. The manager argued with me for about five minutes. So, I submit to you that the worst, most inconsiderate drivers in Aspen are not our visiting guests but people who actually get paid good money to be bad drivers.Justin DealAspen