Getting high is a low point for Colorado |

Getting high is a low point for Colorado

Dear Editor:

This is to my friends and future friends in my favorite state, Colorado.

Here are a couple of thoughts that I would like to share. Medical marijuana legalization is a farce. There are certainly many good uses for marijuana, even medical uses, but let’s face it: Trying to legalize “weed” after all this time hiding behind the presumption that we will try to find medical uses for it has been inane, maybe even insane.

One of the Stanley brothers (God bless him) was almost crying on his TV show because the laws might be changed, and “patients” wouldn’t be able to get “medicine.” I looked it up on Wikipedia and just chuckled.

One day at work about 17 years ago, I found myself on the eighth or ninth floor of a breezeway in the Robert Taylor housing project. Right there I was, in one of the most dangerous housing projects on earth, in a city near the top of the list (once again) of being the murder capital of the world, and I thought, “Would it be a good idea, for everyone who wants to, to be getting high?”

One last thing, for those of you that vote – thank you! We might now have to start speaking Chinese.

Vincent J. Chisesi


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