Getting greener rationally

Dear Editor:I am a resident of Maryland and I visited Aspen this past weekend. While I was in Aspen, I read the Friday, Sept. 8 Aspen Times and the opinion column by Roger Marolt (“Unanswered questions”). I would like to express my dismay over the unprofessional approach that Roger took in addressing the environmental questions to Skico.I consider myself a strong environmentalist and I abhor the positions and actions taken by the Bush Administration. However, I also believe that we need to be fair in our approach to environmental issues/questions.After reading Roger’s opinion column, I have to agree with David Perry that Roger’s questions were “leading … unfair, biased, and … unprofessional.” I certainly agree that Skico needs to be continually challenged to continue its environmental efforts, but I don’t think “leading” questions serve any purpose. Having worked in Washington, D.C. for over 34 years, I quickly learned that you can’t get your way by being a “Bull in a China Store.” However, working with and challenging people/corporations to do what is right for the environment is a more rational and productive way to achieve a greener environment.Joe RoederColumbia, MD